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English to Indonesian: indonesia

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indonesiakb. Indonesia.

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English Indonesian
"angkatan bersenjata republik indonesia, " the indonesian armed forcesABRI
special region of aceh, a provice in indonesiaAceh
"angkatan darat republik indonesia, " the indonesian armyADRI
"angkatan laut republik indonesia, " the indonesian navyALRI
capital city of the province of maluku (moluccas) , indonesiaAmbon
(angkatan perang republik indonesia) indonesian armed forces.apri
(angkatan perang republik indonesia serikat). army of the united states of indonesia.apris
air force of the republic of indonesiaAuri
samal-speaking sea nomads off the coasts of e. kalimantan, sulawesi, and elsewhere in e. indonesia.bajau
capital city of the province of southern kalimantan in indonesiaBanjarmasin
(badan permusyawaratan kewarganegaraan indonesia) political movement of the 1950s and 1960s to integrate ethnic china into indonesia society.baperki
a province in indonesia, capital city of the province of bengkuluBengkulu
(bijeenkomst voor federaal overleg) conference in federal deliberations (dutch-sponsored committee that helped arrange federal gvt. in indonesia before 1950, often called federal consultative assemblybfo
(bank negara indonesia, 1946) the 1946 national bank of indonesia (a national bank).bni
people's bank of indonesiaBRI
made in indonesiabuatan indonesia
(badan urusan tenaga sukarela indonesia) coordinating body for volunteers, foreign and domestic, in indonesia.butsi
(e. indonesia) k.o. tuna, skipjack.cakalang
(central gerakan mahasiswa indonesia) left wing student organization (pre-1965).cgmi
title of headman in some regions in indonesiadatu
1. (coll.) partical asserting that interlocutor should already know or do what o. is asserting. 2. (e. indonesia) they.dong
1. k.o. fish. 2. (e. indonesia) they.dorang
(datuk) title in malaysia and certain parts of indonesia.dt.
family name (esp. in e. indonesia).fam
[himpunan pengusaha muda indonesia] indonesian association of young businessmen.hipmi
[ikatan dokter indonesia] indonesian physicians association.idi
indonesia, indonesianIndonesia
western indonesiaindonesia bagian barat
international nongovernmental group on indonesiaINGI
easternmost province in indonesia, capitol=jayapuraIrian Jaya
1.ox, cow. 2. 1) malaya or indonesia (as the homeland of indonesians or malays who are in mecca). 2) the script for writing malay or indonesian with arabic letters.jawi
capital city of the province of irian jaya in indonesiaJayapura
[jawatan kereta api] indonesia railways.jkta.
chamber of commerce and industry in indonesiaKadin
[kepala polisi republik indonesia] head of the indonesian police.kapolri
"kedutaan besar republic indonesia, " the embassy of the republic of indonesiaKBRI
[konsulat jenderal republik indonesia] indonesian consulate general.kjri
[komite nasional indonesia pusat] the central indonesian national committee.knip
[komite nasional olah raga indonesia] the indonesian national sports commitee.koni
[korp pegawai republik indonesia] the indonesian civil service corps.korpri
[kapal republik indonesia] an indonesian flagship.kri
(e. indonesia) handkerchief. tarian-lenso k.o. dance with scarves.lenso
the lower part of a palm trunk. /le`pa-le`pa/ (e. indonesia) dugout canoe.lepa-lepa
[lembaga seni budayawan muslimin indonesia] muslim cultural association of indonesia, a branch of the islam party in the 1960s.lesbumi
[lembaga ilmu pengetahuan indonesia] the indonesian academy of sciences.lipi
the mahabharata, important story in the literatures of indonesia.mahabharata
k.o. bird from e. indonesia with unusual plumage.mambruk
(majlis syuro muslimin indonesia) a modernist islam party prior to 1960.masyumi
[majelis ulama indonesia] indonesian council of religious scholars.mui
[negara republik indonesia] republic of indonesia.nri
indoeuropean, indolence, indolent, indolently, indomitable, indonesia, indonesian, indonesian chamber of commerce, indonesian culture, indonesian institute of accountants,