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English to Indonesian: indonesian

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English Indonesian
indonesiankb. 1 orang Indonesia. 2 bahasa Indonesia. -ks. Indonesia.

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English Indonesian
"angkatan bersenjata republik indonesia, " the indonesian armed forcesABRI
"angkatan darat republik indonesia, " the indonesian armyADRI
"angkatan laut republik indonesia, " the indonesian navyALRI
indonesian navyangkatan laut indonesia
(antara) indonesian news agency.ant.
(angkatan perang republik indonesia) indonesian armed forces.apri
1 elderly indonesian-born china man. 2 title for elderly china (as aterm of address, us. bah).babah
indonesianbahasa Indonesia
one of the islands in the eastern part of the indonesian archipelagoBanda
investigating committee for preparatory work for indonesian independenceBPUPKI
(japanese) military rank in indonesian auxiliary units during japanese occupation.chudancho
indonesian advisory body assisting the japanese occupation.cuosangiin
the 10 duties of indonesian girl/boy scoutsdasadarma
(dewan perwakilan rakyat) indonesian legistilative assembly.dpr
(dewan perwakilan rakyat gotong royong) the indonesian parliament (1959-1973).dprgr
the indonesian flag, the red and white.dwiwarna
(ejaan yang disempurnakan) official indonesian and malaysian spelling system since 1972.eyd.
traditional instrument similar to xylophone. gambang-keromong 1 small popular chinese-indonesian orchestra. 2 jakarta gamelan.gambang
song associated with indonesian communist party.genjer-genjer
[garuda indonesian airways] the indonesian national airline.gia
[himpunan pengusaha muda indonesia] indonesian association of young businessmen.hipmi
[irian barat] irian jaya (indonesian new guinea).ib
[ikatan dokter indonesia] indonesian physicians association.idi
indonesian institute of accountantsikatan akuntan indonesia
indonesian studiesindologi
indonesia, indonesianIndonesia
league of the supporters of indonesian independenceIPKI
[irian barat] indonesian (w.) new guineairbar
new guinea. irian-barat/jaya indonesian new guinea. irian-timur papua new guineairian
[irian jaya] indonesian new guinea.irja
1.ox, cow. 2. 1) malaya or indonesia (as the homeland of indonesians or malays who are in mecca). 2) the script for writing malay or indonesian with arabic letters.jawi
[kepala polisi republik indonesia] head of the indonesian police.kapolri
[bekas cino] (derog.) china who adopts an indonesian name.kasno
indonesian culturekebudayaan indonesia
indonesian, indonesianisedkeIndonesiaan
traditional dress for indonesian womenkepaya
sound of jingling, a type of popular indonesian music -keroncong
[konsulat jenderal republik indonesia] indonesian consulate general.kjri
[komite nasional indonesia pusat] the central indonesian national committee.knip
[komite nasional olah raga indonesia] the indonesian national sports commitee.koni
k.o. rimless cap, headdress worn by muslim men and also by indonesian men in general as a symbol of national identity.kopiah
[korp pegawai republik indonesia] the indonesian civil service corps.korpri
[kapal republik indonesia] an indonesian flagship.kri
[lembaga ilmu pengetahuan indonesia] the indonesian academy of sciences.lipi
1 convert s.o. to christianity. 2 legally marry an indonesian wife (in the colonial period).menyeranikan
[majelis ulama indonesia] indonesian council of religious scholars.mui
1 archipelago. 2 the indonesian archipelago.nusantara
the indonesian communications satallitePalapa
(partai muslim indonesia) indonesian muslim partyParmusi
[partai demokrasi indonesia] indonesian democratic party.pdi
indolence, indolent, indolently, indomitable, indonesia, indonesian, indonesian chamber of commerce, indonesian culture, indonesian institute of accountants, indonesian navy,