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English to Indonesian: institute

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English Indonesian
institutelembaga, mendirikan, membentuk

Other Result:

English Indonesian
1 institute. 2 put, ask (a question). 3 file, submit, make (application).aju
acronym for "institut agama islam negeri" (nat'l institute of islamic religion)IAIN
indonesian institute of accountantsikatan akuntan indonesia
institute, agencyinstansi
institute of teachership educationinstitut keguruan dan llmu pendidikan
institute of fisheryinstitut perikanan
institute of technologyinstitut teknologi
[institut pertanian bogor] bogor institute of agriculture.ipb
the bandung institute of technologyITB
institute, organizationlembaga
american institute of certified public accountantslembaga akuntan publik amerika
[lembaga pertahanan nasional] national defense institute.lemhanas
[lembaga minyak dan gas bumi] institute for petroleum and natural gas.lemigas
institute, put, file, submitmengaju
1 inc, ltd 2 title for a regional governor 3 institute of higher educationPT
1 religious sect incorporation the three streams of china religio-ethical principals : taoism, confucianism, buddhism. 2 the three responsibilities of institute of higher education : research, teachintridasawarsa
foundation, instituteyayasan
instinctively, instinctiveness, institusional, institusional schedule, institusional system, institute, institute of fishery, institute of teachership education, institute of technology, instituted,